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Charleston, SC
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     Evelyne and Jerry have broad backgrounds in business.  Together, they have 5 children, 9 grand-children and 7 great grand's.

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Jerry & Evelyne with Great Granddaughters Alicia and Nyah

     Evelyne, has owned her own modeling agency, flown planes, scuba dived and traveled the world over.  With her experience in teaching with John Robert Powers and Dale Carnegie, Evie loves helping and teaching others to improve their lives and to seek and achieve goals.     

     Jerry graduated from WV University in 1971 with a Civil Engineering degree.  While attending college, he was an active member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity.  During about 30 years of Engineering in the South East, Jerry was always drawn to own and operate his own business and built many different part-time business ventures.  Jerry was an army captain, and served in an airborne green beret special forces unit.  Jerry has owned and operated several businesses from photography, to computers and owned and managed a kitchen and bath design and sales center in Greenwood SC.  Jerry also likes building websites, graphic design, photography, playing music, playing golf, woodworking and travel.  Jerry started his networking experience during college around 1968 and was usually involved in some home based part-time networking business for 30 years prior to doing it full time since 1998.  Jerry like Evie is also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Sales and Training School.  

     During the period 1994 until 2004, Jerry & Eve built a very substantial Excel Communications marketing business based in Dallas Texas.  Jerry replaced his Engineering career income and began working full time from home in 1998.  Today they both enjoy the time and financial freedom of owning their own business.  In 2003 they were introduced to a team of very successful business builders in the industry of health and wellness.  With Jerry's 30 plus years of home based marketing experience, he had NEVER seen a team with such an impressive success record.  Jerry & Evie sold their communications business after deciding on Jan.10, 2004 to build their current financial and wellness business. 

     Jerry & Eve work from their home near Charleston, SC. They have helped build a strong and successful team reaching into every US state and a few other countries.  Their organization of marketers has exceeded over a million dollars in annual volume the past several years.  They especially love to work with ambitious people and help them accomplish their lifelong dreams and goals.  With over 45 years of networking experience they have much to offer their partners and teammates.  Jerry says, "We are very blessed because we are positioned in the right place with the right company in the right industry and at the right time."

     "We are dedicated to helping many people reach their goals and have improved life-styles and better health."  "With our combined backgrounds we feel that we have a lot to offer any person who strives to better their life in the way of health and finances.  We invite you to learn more about what we do and how you may benefit by getting in touch with us soon through our contact page.

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