More About our Marketing & Referral Biz

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Graphic Design (Previous Business)

Jerry did consulting work in graphic design, flash design, and web building.  Below are a few examples of sites done for clients, church, family, and friends.

Example of Jerry's Graphic Design 
Click the pictures below to view a 3 minute flash movie of Jerry taking an ordinary photo and turning it into a professional photograph ready for framing.

Click to View 3 Minute How To Flash Movie by Jerry Ball
Click Pictures Above to Watch.


Click Bottle to Visit Future Site under construction

Front View of Label Shown Below by Jerry

Label Designed by Jerry for RAL Klenz, Intl., Inc.



Web and Flash Design Examples

Website by Jerry for Cathedral of Praise
Motorcycle Ministry

Website by Jerry for good friend
Terry Boatwright running for Sheriff

Her Own Website at 9 months old
Alicia is our Great Granddaughter.. 
9 months shown..  she is now 9 yrs. 
click / scroll to see a flash by Jerry


This Site Built and Maintained by Jerry & Evelyne Ball
This web site also designed by Jerry

Site to Share Jerry Playing Piano..
Click Piano and Turn up your sound.. 12 songs




New Horizon Slides